Nasturi imbracati

Fabric Coated Buttons

We manufacture fabric coated buttons in various models and sizes (such as shank covered buttons, mattress covered buttons, with slings, with frame, fabric coated eyelets).


Polyester Buttons

We design and manufacture polyester in various shapes and sizes, using, of course, various polyester classes coded by us as ROME, GALASTIL, TIMOR, MUNDIAL, BURMA, NEPAL.

Nasturi poliester


Since 2009 we have been representing the French company SATAB which makes it possible for you to order all kind of lacing: ornamental lacing in various colors, sizes and fabrics (cotton, polyester).


Nylon Buckles and Buttons

Weighting less than metallic buttons or polyester ones, nylon buttons are usually used for soft garment where light buttons are preferred.